Your People Tech stack should evolve with your scaling company.

Growing companies face a torrent of People Tech tools. This community gives you insight in what to use at what time.

The emphasis of the HR focus per stage

Number of FTE

Stage A

Stage B

Stage C

Stage D



Organisation & Teams

Personal Growth

Performance & Productivity

HR Operations






Stage A - 10 to 25 FTE

Tools should be:

  • Lightweight & Cheap.
  • Non-specialized (ie. Notion, Airtable, Trello, Slack).
  • Extremely easy to implement (SaaS).

Focus on:

  • ATS tooling.
  • Solid recruitment website and onboarding flow.
  • Ease of use and templates from other companies.
Recommended tools for this stage
Stage B - 25 to 60 FTE

Tools should be:

  • Executable actions coming from organisational tooling
  • The importance of HR Operations (vacation/declaration/etc) tech cant be understated.
  • Ready to handle higher volumes, SaaS tooling might become very expensive at the 60+ end.

Focus on

  • Feedback and employee vibe tech (fe. Officevibe).
  • People systems that don't cause headaches. BambooHR
  • Tech should be assisting your people.
Recommended tools for this stage
Stage C - 60 to 100 FTE

Tools should be:

  • Specialized tech for Attraction, Selection and Onboarding of employees.
  • OKR system in place, supported by tech.
  • Use widely avalable programs like MooC's for learning.

Focus on

  • Design and branding of the tech you use.
  • Having your people assist the tech, at this stage the tech should be smart(er).
  • HR procedures and policies, clear, non negotiable.
Recommended tools for this stage
Stage D - 100 to 150 FTE

Tools should be:

  • Specialized tooling across the employee journey, including feedback and offboarding.
  • Clear workflows and tech should be connected at as many points as possible.
  • Hire someone to run your HR Tech suite!

Focus on

  • Tech cannot limit your growth, should be flexible and international.
  • Having a HR Tech ecosystem, continuously review usage, effects & costs.
  • Data, data & more data. Connect the dots.
Recommended tools for this stage


Every tech tool is extensively analyzed and used in practice

Everyday, new HR tools are introduced that improve the employee experience and help professionalize your company. Deciding what works best for your company is overwhelming due to the sheer number of tools available

Love for HR tech

At VIE People we have scaled over 150 companies while always implementing People Tech aswell. Every 4 months we review the available tools to see if they are still the best to use for a specific phase.

Next to this we analyse new tools coming into the market for the UNLEASH Start Up competition and are a strategic capital partner through VIE Tech Capital.

VIE has extensive experience with many tools. We know what works, can help you choose and, if needed, can help you get going.

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Wendy van Ierschot
Wendy van Ierschot

Founder, CEO and Investor in HR Tech

Invests in HR Tech that is disruptive and adds new value. Coaches the founders of the companies on Scaling their product and company.

Ryan Lang
Ryan Lang

HR Tech Expert, HR Advisor, Investment Analyst

Looks at HR Tech from a people focussed view. Does it help you scale? Asseses the tech VIE People uses.

Siert Akel
Siert Akel

Product Owner, HR Tech Expert, Investment Analyst

Experienced in building multiple HR Tech tools as a Head of Product. Looks at tech from a product point of view. His keyword is Focus!

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